Local Contact Information

AgencyPhone Number
Police - Fire - Ambulance911
- Jefferson Parish 911 direct number227-1400
JPSO web site
- Call JPSO at 911 for any reason - not just emergencies
- 2nd District Commander Captain Larry Dyess598-5801
- Traffic Division Commander Captain Greg Lonero598-5880
- Community Relations Deputy Damon Johnson376-2415
Drugs3 NO DRUG
Parish Information736-6100
- Parish Contacts (Frequently Requested Numbers)
- Parish Council Contact Information
Abandoned Shopping Carts731-4612
Abandoned Vehicles364-3543
Blight Eradication & Community Liaison364-2643
Canal Dumping437-4939
Code Violations Reporting and Status
Emergency Operations Center349-5360
Environmental Affairs731-4612
Flood Plain Management736-6540
Found/Abused Animals349-5111
Garbage Pickup731-4612
Inspection & Code Enforcement Department364-3500
Jefferson Transit364-3450
Mosquito Control366-0084
(To report possible mosquito breeding areas
call Environmental Affairs)
Parks & Recreation349-5000
Property Maintenance / Zoning364-3540
Recycling Office731-4612
Street Light Out
- Office (M-F 8 am - 4 pm)736-6940
- Voice Mail731-4477
Weed Control364-3540
Power Outage800-968-8243
Gas – Atmos800-547-4321
- Gas Emergency800-654-6669
Gas – Gulf South Pipeline Company800-850-0051
Progressive Waste Solutions877-747-4374
Oakwood Center General Manager Matt Brown361-1550
Parish President Michael S. Yenni364-2700
Council at Large Chris Roberts364-2616
Council at Large Cynthia Lee Sheng364-2624
1st Dist. Councilman Ricky Templet364-2607
1st Dist. School Board Rep. Mark Morgan349-7803
2nd Dist. School Board Rep. Ricky Johnnson349-7803
District Attorney Paul Connick368-1020
Clerk of Court Jon Gegenheimer364-2900
State Representative District 85 Joseph A. Marino, III361-6013
State Senator District 7 Troy Carter361-6356
State Senator District 8 John A. Alario, Jr.340-2221